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Create Your Custom Conference Table For Any Size Room | Paul Downs | Create Your Custom Conference Table For Any Size Room

Custom Conference Tables

Unique Solutions That Others Can’t Provide.

We’ll Make Your Perfect Conference Table

We build beautiful, durable, and practical custom conference room tables and other hand-crafted furniture

Paul Downs makes custom conference room tables that can’t be found in a catalog: Large conference tables. Small meeting room tables. Special shapes, like U and V tables. Modular boardroom tables. Reconfigurable conference tables. Tables built for videoconferencing. Tables with complex A/V equipment. Logo tables. Tables that work in a hard-to-fit room. Tables for secure locations. And all the other furniture you need to match. Give us a call at 1-610-239-0142 to discuss your needs.

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Bring Branding to Life with Logo Inlays

We deploy a variety of methods to make logos within a wide range of budgets. Wood, laminate & metal inlays, vinyl, carvings, and engravings each have a particular look and impact on your custom conference table cost. Logos work particularly well in customer-facing, communal spaces, and boardrooms however they’ll add an impressive element to any table. Our design team loves to find new, creative ways to display your logo.

Large & Unique Conference Table Shapes

Meeting and boardrooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, therefore so do our custom built tables. From very large round or oval conference tables to U and V-shaped tables, polygons to partial arcs and committee tables – we’ve built them all. There’s nothing standard about what we do at Paul Downs. Whether you have room for 4 or 40 participants, our design engineers will show you all the ways your space can be put to use.

Integrated Technology

A/V integration is mandatory in the modern conference space. We use our extensive engineering experience to integrate any required technology and conquer the wiring mess. In addition to helping you identify the right level of sophistication, we’ll ensure that your conference table peripherals can be upgraded. So as technology inevitably evolves, you’ll be ready.

Reconfigurable Solutions

Flexible doesn’t need to mean cheap looking. Moreover, we build hundreds of modular and reconfigurable custom conference tables every year for clients who use their rooms in multiple ways. Along with their good looks, our modular tables can be made to fold, roll, handle heavy wire loads, and so much more. Do you want flexibility, elegance, or both? You won’t have to compromise your vision with us.

Tables Built to Impress

Bring us your best ideas for your custom coinference room table or let us dazzle you with our imagination. Because we do what other manufacturers can’t or won’t, you’ll end up with a unique project that impresses all. Your conference table is the first thing that employees and clients see in your conference room and with a unique design, you’ll make a positive impact on your visitors.

Custom Conference Room Tables for Any Purpose

Advanced Engineering with Traditional Craftsmanship

Our website is designed to show a small sample of our work. You will see custom conference tables with a very wide range of prices, styles, materials, and sizes. You’ll see our process of combining advanced engineering with traditional craftsmanship. At Paul Downs, we want to apply our expertise to solve your problems. Take a look at what we do, then give us a call at 1-610-239-0142 or fill out the form below and we’ll help you get started on your project today. You will get immediate attention from an experienced table designer who can answer any questions you may have.

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What Can Paul Downs Build For You?

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Most of our clients rely on us to produce a unique solution, but we’re happy to work with architects, interior designers, and furniture dealers to execute their design vision.