Custom Conference Table Logo Process

Conference Table Logo

The Ultimate Way to Customize

“The logo is incredible. Everyone who comes in the room is amazed at how great the table looks.”

At Paul Downs, our experts can incorporate your organization’s logo into your custom conference table. There are five ways to do this: inlaying, where the logo is made up of individual pieces of wood; overlaying, where a printed vinyl panel is applied to the finished wood surface; custom printed laminate, where we take any kind of complex graphic and have it made into a high durability laminate sheet;  carving, where the logo is a shaped and colored inlay panel; and engraving, where the logo is burned into the table top.

(Here are examples of conference tables with all of these processes.) Please contact us to discuss your options for submitting your logo. We will recommend which process will work best for you. We need a high-quality graphic file to work with – preferably a vector image, but we can also work with .eps or very high resolution .jpg file.

Inlaid Conference Table Logos: Process

Inlaid logos look amazingly cool and can be made using veneers or laminate. The process starts with the graphics files – we convert them to vectors and separate each logo into all of its component pieces. Then we use our laser to cut them out. Next, they must be assembled by hand. If the logo is complicated, this can take many hours. Here’s Ryan Bardsley lifting pieces for a complex logo out of laser-cut curly sycamore:

Inlaid Conference Table Logo

All of those pieces then get taped together into the main veneer panel:

Conference Table Logo Design

Tape is applied to the other side of the logo to hold it in place during pressing.  Then the face is flipped and the first batch of tape removed, revealing the logo in its glory:

Custom Conference Table Logo

Next, the complete face is pressed and glued to the substrate.  Now it is dead flat and securely fastened to the table top:

Conference Table Logo Process

Next, we glue the edges on the table and do a whole lot of sanding.  When that is completed, the custom conference table goes into the finishing room.  We can do any of our finishes on an inlaid logo.

The finished modern conference table (made for Laxgalts’ap Village in British Columbia) is spectacular:

Laxgalts’ap Village Logo Conference Table

More on Inlaid Conference Table Logos

Simple graphics with hard-edged elements work best for logos.  The woods used can affect the appearance, so it’s best to avoid highly striped woods in the background.  Here’s the Sentry Insurance logo in Anegre (left) and Oak (right):

Wood Inlaid Conference Table Logo

When woods of the original color aren’t available, we can substitute appropriate replacements. Here’s the logo of the 460th Space Wing, an Air Force unit.

Replacement Inlaid Conference Table Logo

The logo in the custom conference table:

460th Space Wing Boat Conference Table

We recently did another cool military logo, this time for the Pacific Air Forces HQ in Hawaii:

Pacific Air Forces HQ Military Conference Table Logo

And here’s a fantastic logo done for another Air Force unit, the 835th Cyberspace Operations Squadron:

Air Force Conference Table Logo

Logos can be very elegant when replicated in an unusual wood. Here’s a detail from our custom conference table for Red Bull North America:

Red Bull Custom Conference Table Branding

We can use dyed veneers to get colors that don’t occur naturally.  There are some limits to what shades are available, but this approach can be very effective:

Pay Plus Conference Table Branding

Pay Plus 2 Conference Room Table

We can also make inlaid logos from metal. We usually use brushed aluminum or brass, then cut it into a wood background. Here’s an example we did for Burris Logistics:

Burris Logistics Metal Conference Table Logo

Their logo is a snowflake. We laid it onto a cherry top. The finished modern conference table looks great and is ready for your next conference or videoconferencing meeting:

Burris Logistics 2 Industrial Conference Table

Metal inlaid into a metal background has an interesting effect.  Here’s a sample board we did with brushed aluminum letters in a brushed bronze field:

AIFP Aluminum Conference Table Logo

And here’s that scheme as seen in the finished table (one of a set of modulars):

AIFP 2 Modular Conference Room Table


Inlaid logos range in price from $900 up.  Price is driven by the complexity of the logo, the number of iterations in the table, and the finish chosen.

Vinyl Onlays

A vinyl onlay is a lower cost way to duplicate complex designs with custom colors and shading.  We take your graphic file to a sign shop, which prints and cuts the logo onto a vinyl sheet (just like the ones used for truck graphics). We apply that to a wood panel and put a finish over it. The finish adheres very well and matches the rest of the table exactly.  This is the least expensive option for logos. It’s the only way we can precisely duplicate logos with shaded elements and non-wood colors.

Here are two views of a vinyl logo that we made for Ross University.  First, a closeup of a 24” diameter logo panel:

Ross University Vinyl Conference Table Logo

And here’s a shot of the table in the room, showing the match between the logo we made with the existing branding on the wall, that was done by others:

Ross University 2 Modular Conference Room Tables

Here’s a closeup of another vinyl logo, for a US Army unit:

US Army Unit Conference Table Logo

Vinyl logos can be quite complex.  They need to be applied under the finish coat, which adds to the cost, but the results can be spectacular.  Here’s a table we made for a credit union using graphics derived from printed circuit boards:

Credit Union Black Conference Table

Prices start at about $600 and vary with size and quantity.

Custom Printed Laminate

Laminate tables have long been preferred for their low cost and high durability.  Now we can have custom printed sheets made at a reasonable cost.  This allows for fabulous, high-impact graphic designs.  The process starts with client-supplied logo files.  Our design engineers will use these to design the table,  and make a software simulation what the table will look like:

After client approval, we send the graphics files to Wilsonart, and then get back a sample of the graphic printed onto a 15″ x 19″panel.  Here’s one we got for an Air Force job:

These tables look great when finished.  Here’s the City of Quincy table in our shop:

And hard at work:

Pricing for these tables is driven largely by size, as the printed laminate has a fixed price per square foot no matter what we put on it.  The quality of the images that our clients provide can also effect cost – if you can supply high-resolution vector files (.eps format) it cuts down on our processing time.


Carved Logos

Some of our clients prefer a carved logo for their custom conference table.  This adds depth and color to the logo.  We don’t do these in house – they are supplied by sign makers.  The example seen here was done by Artsignworks.  We fit their work into the table we fabricated for the Marines:

Marines 1 Round Conference Table

Here’s a closeup of the logo:

Marines Marine Corp Conference Table Logo

Engraved Logos

Engraved logos are done by burning the image directly into the background with our laser. This is a low-cost way to replicate complex graphics. Here’s an example from a custom conference table we made for 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.  The logo is engraved into maple, and enhanced with dye stains:

Special Operations Engraved Conference Table Logo

We also use engraved glass:

Syntal Glass Conference Table Logo

Engraving works great on black granite.  Here’s a table we did that combines engraved stone panels with inlaid veneer logo:

MOOG Boat Conference Tables

The pictures are of various airplanes:

Airplane Picture Conference Table Logo

One nice thing about this approach is that it’s easy to lift out the tiles and replace them with another image.  We usually use a standard 12″ x 12″ floor tile in this kind of design.

Pricing for engraving is similar to vinyl inlays – starting at $600 and varies with size and finish.

If you’re interested in a logo in your custom conference table, contact us today and we’ll help you get started on your design.

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