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Custom Conference Table Materials | Paul Downs

Custom Conference Table Materials

Use Distinct Materials for an Unrivaled Design

Our materials at Paul Downs aren’t limited to wood. Because we want your custom conference table to be completely unique to your brand, we can incorporate other materials into the design. Our expert craftsmen will create a table that is the perfect size, shape, and style for your conference room based on years of experience fabricating a variety of tables. Because all of our designs are customizable, we can assist you in creating something truly stunning. Just contact us and one of our designers will be happy to help with your project.

Types of Materials We Work With

We primarily start with wood as the main material but we can customize your base, edges, inlays, and tabletop with a variety of other materials to give it the look you desire. Some of the most popular materials are listed below and feel free to browse our conference table gallery for design ideas.

graphic laminate conference table


Plastic laminate (commonly called Formica™) is a fantastic material for table tops. It’s inexpensive, extremely durable, and available in a wide range of patterns – including those that mimic the look of wood, stone, and other materials. We can also do custom laminate that incorporates your logo and branding. We recommend laminate when the table will be subjected to heavy use and/or the client wishes to have budget options.

Laminate Tables

Solid surface conference table

Solid Surface

Solid surface materials are excellent substitutes for marble and granite. There are many manufacturers offering a very wide range of colors and patterns. Solid surface tables are durable, and easy to fabricate and easy to install. We often combine solid surface materials with wood or metal to create an eye-catching table.

Corian Tables

quartz conference table


Quartz, a form of artificial granite, is a great option for tabletops. It’s a low-maintenance engineered stone that’s stain-resistant and durable. It can easily be paired with other materials or used as a stand-alone option for tabletops. We’ve used quartz in multiple projects and everyone is always happy with the results.

Quartz Tables

Stone Conference Table

Marble & Granite

Marble and granite are heavy. Tables that incorporate them usually have a steel internal frame to support the weight. Since heavy equals hard to move, we use local fabricators who are familiar with the intricacies of working with stone, as well as local delivery procedures. Our project managers make sure that every aspect of a stone table project is completed succesfully.

Granite/Marble Tables

Metal Conference Table

Steel, Aluminum & Other Metals

Metal is used in a variety of applications, it can be used as a surface material, inlaid accent material, and a structural material. Aluminum can add a nice aesthetic to your table without adding a lot of weight. Stainless steel offers a polished, sleek modern design.

Metal Tables

glass conference table


Working with glass requires exact engineering and expert handling. Shipping and delivery require utmost care. We’ve sent our tables all over the country, and have developed packaging that allows for the most delicate materials to arrive intact, ready for install. If you want glass, we can find the best way to incorporate it into the table design and make sure it’s delivered and installed without problems.

Glass Tables

Interested in Using Other Materials?

If you have any specific material you would like in your custom table, let us know. Speak with one of our conference table design specialists to discuss your needs and we’ll work with you to find a solution you love.

Contact Us

unique conference table

One of a Kind Materials for Personalized Tables

Sometimes we get to incorporate cool materials that are specified by our clients. In the past year alone, we’ve built tables that incorporated a slice of a tree (as shown), a 16 foot long section of iron pipe, a full-sized replica of a nuclear weapon. Each of these unique projects allowed our client to create a space that celebrates the specialized work they do. There’s no limit to what we can handle. Do you have an unusual idea for your boardroom? Call us!

The Paul Downs Difference

No mass-produced, cookie-cutter tables here. When it comes to custom conference room tables, Paul Downs is the pinnacle of craftsmanship. We design truly unique meeting and boardroom tables that are hand-crafted to your specifications, from power and data hatches right down to the grain of the wood we use. If you need a conference room table for your business, organization, or school, we’re just a click or call away. Someone from our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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