Table Costs & Pricing

Conference table pricing is driven by four factors: size, shape, complexity, and materials. We work with our clients to provide a custom solution within their budget. Contact us for help!

Pricing Guide

How design choices affect cost: same size, different design choices, different prices

Do you need power and data? Will your table see hard use? How many people do you need to seat? Will executives or clients be using your table?  These are just some of the questions to consider when considering your budget.

We’ve sorted all the conference table pricing on this site into three grades:

Standard Grade

These tables are designed to keep costs low. We’ll determine the best size and shape for your situation, and then recommend materials and detailing that gives you the functionality you need. A 10-foot table in this category would start at about $4000.

These tables run from $400 to $600 a foot.

Premium Grade

These tables represent great value. Like Standard Grade, they will be designed to meet your size and shape requirements, but will also incorporate a prudent mix of features, technology, and materials to give you an impressive table at a reasonable price.

These tables run from $600 to $1200 a foot.

Ultra Grade

These tables are designed to dazzle, with the finest materials and most imaginative design. Often complex AV applications. These tables are unique in every way. As with all our tables, the final price from Ultra Grade is a reflection of the choices the customer makes.

These tables start around $1200 foot.

Pricing Notes

  • Odd-shaped tables: How long is a V-shaped, open square, or U-shaped table? Unfold the shape into a straight line. For instance, a U-shaped table with 20-foot long arms and a 10-foot base is 50-feet long.
  • Round and square tables: Use the diameter in feet for round tables, and the length of a side in feet for square tables. Keep in mind that wider tables use more materials and end up being more expensive per foot in length. (See common sizes for round and square tables)
  • Ordering multiple copies of a single table can save money, as we can spread the engineering costs over the whole project. Modular tables are often fabricated in multiples – see below for more on this.

Not sure what all of this means for you? Contact us and we’ll help you find your budget.

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Modular Pricing Guide

How design choices affect cost: same size, different design choices, different prices

Modular Table Costs

Modular tables are made in quantity and tend to be much smaller than our other tables. This changes the standard pricing equation. It’s hard to give a simple formula that covers every option, but here are some numbers to consider:

Standard Grade

These modular tables start at about $800 each – when ordered in quantity – and consist of laminate tops with simple, non-folding metal legs. Sets can be in a variety of shapes. Standard Grade delivers the biggest advantage of custom – tailored size and shape options – at a budget price.

Premium Grade

These modular tables will fall in the $1300 to $2000 range for each table, again ordered in quantity. We offer a wide range of designs in this price range. Premium Grade designs rise above the ordinary and our custom sizes and shapes deliver extraordinary utility, A/V capability, and flexibility.

Ultra Grade

These modular tables are our most substantial and elaborate tables and as such will cost more than our other grades. Most fall into the $2000 to $3000 per table range, with an overall cost that is comparable to ordering a single large table of the same size as all the modular tables put together.

Conference Table Pricing

See our gallery of modular tables. Keep in mind that we’ll work with you to identify designs that fit your budget. Our highly experienced design engineers will help you find the best solution for you and your organization. Put our vast experience to work – contact us today!