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Conference Room Table Seating Capacity Guide

When trying to choose the appropriate size of your new conference table, seating capacity can be determined by the amount of space needed between the people at your table. It’s important not to cram your meeting participants around the table just to fit as many people as you can. Being uncomfortable at the meeting room table will be a distraction to everyone. Adhering to our custom conference room tables seating guide can ensure everyone has enough room around them to function comfortably while providing adequate workspace for other meeting participants.

How Much Space Is Needed Per Participant?

With changes in how we operate in person starting in 2020, we’ve updated our charts to accommodate for social distancing. By using 42″ between seats and a minimum table width of 60″ while assuming that meeting participants will be using masks, you can create a meeting space that is safe and functional. These measurements are an informed guess based on our knowledge at this time and have not been verified by health experts. If at all possible, you should include 48″ or more between participants if you have a table and/or conference room that is big enough.

  • The distance between users sitting next to each other is much smaller than the distance across a table. For instance, users on opposite sides of a 4′ wide modern conference room table, in a standard office chair, have about 7 feet of space between their heads. This space is ideal when speaking, given today’s environment.
  • In pre-Covid-19 days, we would recommend a minimum of 30” spacing between people for business situations. This would be the smallest amount of space you would want so that everyone is able to move without disrupting others.
  • Traditionally, 36” per person is comfortable and appropriate for boardroom use. 36” allows for room to move and space for taking notes on paper or operation of a laptop computer with minimal encroachment to the participants on either side. This dimension is also ideal for round conference tables as they have a little extra space due to slightly angled seating.
  • For situations where users need more space (for instance, meetings where everyone has a computer and documents on the table), 42” is an appropriate area for comfortable spacing. For luxury situations or observing social distancing, 48” is preferred.

If you are not sure, contact us and we will help you find the appropriate size for your custom conference room table. We can show you what size table will fit in your meeting or boardroom and how many participants it will accommodate at various spacings. We’ll work with you to find a solution that will work both in the near future and once things return back to “normal.”

Minimum Size for Common Custom Conference Room Table Shapes Based on Number of Users

The following chart includes both social distancing and traditional seating capacities. These are guidelines and you may need added flexibility to fit your room. We make custom conference room tables of any size and shape to suit your needs. To see more detail on conference table shapes, view our seating capacity guide for different table shapes.

Chart of conference tables showing number of users for common sizes and shapes, with traditional spacing and Social Distancing spacing
# of Users
(Social Distance)
# of Users
RectangleBoatSquareRoundU, V, or Head
(total length)
2436 x 6042 x 6042 x 424836 x 128
3-4636 x 7242 x 7248 x 607236 x 192
6848 x 9654 x 9664 x 649636 x 256
7-81048 x 14454 x 14464 x 9612036 x 320
9-101248 x 16854 x 168 96 x 9614436 x 384
11-121448 x 19254 x 19296 x 12816836 x 448
13-141654 x 21672 x 216128 x 12819236 x 512
15-161854 x 24072 x 240128 x 16021636 x 576
17-182060 x 26472 x 264160 x 16024036 x 640
18-192260 x 28884 x 288160 x 19226436 x 704
19-202460 x 31284 x 312192 x 19228836 x 768
20-212660 x 33696 x 336192 x 22431236 x 832
22-242866 x 36096 x 360224 x 22433636 x 896
24-253072 x 38496 x 390216 x 24036036 x 960

Paul Downs Knows Custom Conference Room Tables

At Paul Downs, we design and build custom conference room tables from scratch. We have built a reputation for being able to handle any size or shape conference table. Everything we do is based on your unique needs and the purpose of your meeting room. From power and data integration and modular tables to modern tables and custom logos, we’re sure to come up with a solution that will wow everyone that attends a meeting around your table. We’re always here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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