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Conference Room Tables – About Our Company | Paul Downs

About Our Conference Table Company

Paul Downs Custom Conference Tables

A Brief History

Paul Downs started making furniture in 1986 in a one-room shop in Philadelphia. We now operate out of 33,000 square feet in Bridgeport, PA, and have 22 employees. Most of our work is done for commercial clients, as our company specializes in modern conference tables and office furniture, and we do a few residential jobs every year as well.

How We Operate

We are a custom shop: a big room, piles of wood, lots of tools, and skilled craftspeople building whatever you require. This kind of operation has been around since ancient times but has always been a reflection of the current state of manufacturing. Our modern conference room table experts combine the latest tools and techniques with traditional methods to bring you the best of the past and the future.

Custom Made Conference Tables

Our aim is to provide beautiful, durable, and practical furniture that you’ll love at a reasonable price. We are happy to answer questions of any type, so if you can’t find what you need on our FAQ page, then feel free to contact us. We’re not a huge conference table company, so you will speak to a real person when you call.

A Letter from Paul

I’ve been working with my hands from a very tender age – the picture at the bottom of this page shows me at 12 years old, with some models that I’ve made. I started making furniture in 1986, after graduating from college. I had studied design and engineering at the University of Pennsylvania and thought it would be useful to get some real-world experience before entering graduate school. It didn’t take long to abandon that plan – making furniture is fun. Unlike architecture, furniture makers operate without the restrictions of building codes and engineering reviews. Also, I turned out to be good at it. Working with wood is endlessly fascinating. Building a custom conference room table and furniture business has been a pleasure as well. Each successful project leads to more opportunities to improve our designs and operations.

I enjoy working with my clients and get a special thrill when I hear from someone who has been using my work for years and is still delighted with it. Business is often a challenge, but I have the good fortune of following a profession where everyone ends up happy at the end of the transaction.

The best furniture is made one piece at a time with skilled hands and love of the craft. I have been fortunate to gather an extraordinary set of talented woodworkers. Together we bring amazing things to life.

Paul Downs Early Woodworking

Thank you for your interest in our work. Give me a call if you have any questions.


Paul Downs Signature
Why Choose Paul Downs

Why Paul Downs?

We do more than build custom furnature. We provide unique solutions that allow your organization to thrive.
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Conference Table Client List

Client List

We have been making conference and boardroom tables since 1986. We work with every kind of organization.
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Client Project Spotlight

Project Spotlight

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Meet Our People

Meet Our People

There are many people that help make our company a success. Learn more about Paul Downs and our hard-working staff.
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Our Building Process

Building Process

Discover the process our talented craftspeople go through to create your custom conference room table.
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Woodworking Shop Tour

Shop Tour

Check out the video of our workshop and you’ll see where we build all of the beautiful furniture for our clients.
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The Paul Downs Difference

No mass-produced, cookie-cutter tables here. When it comes to custom conference room tables, Paul Downs is the pinnacle of craftsmanship. We design truly unique meeting and boardroom tables that are hand-crafted to your specifications, from power and data hatches right down to the grain of the wood we use. If you need a conference room table for your business, organization, or school, we’re just a click or call away. Someone from our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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