Eagles’ Modular Tables

We recently built a set of modular tables for our hometown heroes, The Philadelphia Eagles, to complete their new draft room.  The design was created by our own Nathan Rossman in consultation with Christian Bushong (Gensler Philadelphia). The power and …

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Paul Downs Custom Furniture : Project Spotlight

KPE Render

Paul Downs Custom Furniture : Project Spotlight  Paul Downs Custom Furniture has created beautiful and durable boardroom tables, modular tables, and other breath-taking furniture for the past 32 years.  Having just celebrated our best year in history, during which we completed …

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Paul Downs Case Study: Dogfish Head Brewpub

Starting point: a cool, fresh idea.  Finish line:  happy users.  What every architect/contractor/fabricator wants, right? But in between, there’s a million ways to go astray.  We recently completed a project for the new Dogfish Head Brewpub in Rehoboth that shows …

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