Case Studies

Furniture Creation from Start to Finish

At Paul Downs Cabinetmakers, we’ve had the privilege of creating custom furniture for a variety of distinguished clients. Here in our Case Studies, we explain the design and construction that went into our projects to make each piece perfect.

Solid Wood Slab Table Tops

Slab, live edge, free-form: there are lots of ways to describe a table made with large slices from a tree.  This is just one way to make a solid wood table top, but it’s a very popular option these days.  …

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University of Calgary School of Engineering

This table encompasses many of the newest furniture trends all in one project.

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1818 Market Street

A tired lobby interior in downtown Philadelphia needs an update. L2 Partridge Architects is engaged to provide the new look.  Front and center in their scheme:  a wood feature wall, stretching from floor to ceiling.  This is easy to draw, but presents a …

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Senior Leadership Briefing Room

So you’ve designed a really cool briefing room for a VERY important client.  The centerpiece:  a large open table with complex architectural details.  It has to hold microphones, hidden motorized monitors, a roll-out presenter’s podium with adjustable desk height, and …

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Dogfish Head Brewpub

Starting point: a cool, fresh idea. Finish line: happy users. What every architect/contractor/fabricator wants, right? But in between, there are a million ways to go astray. We recently completed a project for the new Dogfish Head Brewpub in Rehoboth that shows how an unusual design concept made it to successful completion. Please enjoy this Case Study reflecting details of the project.

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