Churchill Engineering

Paul Downs Case Study

Our work with Churchill Engineering was produced over several years. Rob Churchill took over the company from his father and began renovations in the boardroom. From there it blossomed into multiple projects over the years, becoming one of our favorite branded office furniture suites. They needed a refreshed space that improved their workflow while retaining some of their company’s history, including incorporating repurposed courthouse doors – part of a collection of antique wood from his father – into their workspace.

Before & After

branded office furniture

The transformation of the reception area, completed in 2015, included several pieces fabricated by us: a credenza, a reception desk, and a wall cubby. We were able to provide them with a very custom solution to transforming their reception area. Firstly we reinforced their branding through a unique and impressive LED-backlit logo in the reception desk. We were also able to include two of the re-salvaged door pieces to continue the tradition started by Rob’s father. Secondly, the workflow and space were opened up by replacing the built-in desk for a credenza. We also used veneers in Quartersawn Oak to match existing wood in the room.

We went through several iterations in the design of the reception desk, including one that featured several door panel pieces framed by a backlit panel. This is where the idea of backlighting started – as a way to literally highlight the doors – and evolved from there, even after that idea was scrapped in favor of one with a logo. Repurposing the raised panel portion of the doors, while outside of our usual scope, was handled smoothly by our expert and talented craftsmen and engineers.

branded office furniture

We also made a custom workstation to replace their old proposal organizing center. The branding was carried over into this item via the blue laminate field in the top. In addition to matching the Churchill Engineers blue, the laminate has the added benefit of durability.

Snack Center

The snack center was our most recent project for Churchill Engineering, completed in 2016. This was an extra collaborative process. While designing the snack center our intuitive and talented Design Engineer Nate Rossman actually worked in their conference room for part of the design. Rob brought in long time team members to get their feedback and bring them into the process.

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Project ScopeBoardroom table, Reception area furniture
PlacementBerlin, NJ
Custom OptionsRepurposed materials, LED-backlit logo
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