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Paul Downs Case Study

Worden Brothers

Choosing custom furniture requires trust – in the design process, the quality of the work, and that the end result is what you asked for. At Paul Downs, our commitment to craftsmanship starts when we have the first conversation. From detailed renders that illustrate your table before fabrication to hands-on project management, we aim to deliver precisely what you envision. Our Design Engineers seek to understand the functionality of your conference room and who will be sitting around the table so that each custom design is tailored to meet specific needs and design requests.


When Worden Brothers approached us during the renovation of their conference room, we listened to their needs and were able to provide a solution to their functional and aesthetic challenges. Chief among their concerns? A video wall. Like many businesses these days, they needed a dedicated and cohesive client-facing conference space.


After the renders were complete our attention to detail came in handy again. Nate Rossman, one of our Design Engineers, drew in a lighting fixture with a lower profile – to better suit the room design. He also recommended additional aesthetic changes, working closely with the general contractor, to ensure clear sightlines for the artwork and credenza. We care about the entire conference room project and how all the details come together; we’re not just focused on the table.


We’re proud of our work and commitment to each project. Happy clients are behind everything we build!

“From a vision to final product, Paul Downs worked with us every step of the way! What they delivered exceeded our expectations. Would gladly work with them again.” – Nicholas Accattato, Designer & Web Developer

We’d love to work with you on your project – large or small. We can help you with design, project management through delivery and installation. Contact us to speak to one of our Design Engineers about how we can help your ideas come to fruition.

custom conference table
custom conference table
custom conference table

The Paul Downs Difference

No mass-produced, cookie-cutter tables here. When it comes to custom conference room tables, Paul Downs is the pinnacle of craftsmanship. We design truly unique meeting and boardroom tables that are hand-crafted to your specifications, from power and data hatches right down to the grain of the wood we use. If you need a conference room table for your business, organization, or school, we’re just a click or call away. Someone from our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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