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You found us because you were looking for the best conference room table company that ordinary sources can’t offer. It’s our job to make your experience better than you ever thought it could be. We’ve developed special expertise in solving these problems:

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Conference Table with Power - Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology Made Easy


A/V integration is mandatory in the modern conference space. We use our extensive engineering experience to integrate any required technology and conquer the wiring mess. In addition to helping you identify an appropriate level of sophistication, we’ll ensure that your conference table’s technology can be upgraded. So as technology inevitably evolves, you’ll be ready.


Power & Data

Display Your Conference Table Brand

Display Your Brand


We deploy a variety of methods to make logos – there’s a way to meet a wide range of budgets. Wood, laminate & metal inlays, vinyls, carvings, and engravings each have a particular look and cost. Logos work particularly well in customer-facing spaces and videoconferencing tables however they’ll dress up a table in any situation.


Logos & Branding

Custom Conference Tables for Difficult Rooms

Make the Most of A Difficult Room


Rooms come in a variety of sizes and shapes, therefore so do our tables. Our design engineers will show you all the ways your space can be put to use. We build sizes and shapes you won’t see in any catalog. From very large round or oval conference tables to U and V shaped tables, polygons to partial arcs and committee tables – we’ve done them all.


Custom Shapes & Sizes

Modular Conference Table - Elegant & Flexible

Be Elegant and Flexible


Flexible doesn’t need to mean cheap looking. Moreover, we build hundreds of modular and reconfigurable tables every year for clients who use their rooms in multiple ways. Along with their good looks, our modular tables can be made to fold, roll, handle heavy wire loads, and so much more. Do you want flexibility, elegance, or both? You won’t have to compromise your vision with us.


High End Modular Tables

Round Conference Table - Stand Out from the Crowd

Stand Out From The Crowd


Bring us your best ideas or let us dazzle you with our imagination. Because we do what other manufacturers can’t or won’t, you’ll end up with a unique project that impresses all. Your conference table is the first thing that employees and clients see in your conference room room and with a unique design, you’ll make a positive impact on your visitors.



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If you are interested in learning about how PDC can help with your plans, please look through our gallery of custom conference room tables. You can choose any of these designs as a starting point for your project. Identifying what you like helps our designers get to know your style preferences, or you can submit your own designs that we will use as a guide for fabricating your custom table.

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