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Committee Tables

Committee tables are one of those things that many people need, but nobody knows how to buy. You won’t find them in a catalog. You won’t find them on Amazon. There’s a reason for that: they really need to be sized to the space they will inhabit, and the number of users they need to accommodate, and tailored to the client’s budget. That means custom. Paul Downs has completed hundreds of committee table projects. We’ve worked with local government, school boards, large corporations, the military, and anyone else who has a room where leadership meets the masses. Here’s how we do it:

Planning and Design: Our design engineers listen carefully to the situation and then propose a solution that has the right mix of size and features to meet the desired budget.

Construction, Shipping, and Delivery: The actual completion of the project requires a company that has a solid track record of success in making and installing a wide range of committee tables, over a large geographic area, working with a variety of clients. Here are some examples that we’ve built:

Lodge Grass

modular committee table

A good example of a budget approach to custom. Our design team identified the best size and arc radius to seat the required number of users. We then fabricated custom tops and modesty panels to fit a folding/rolling base manufactured by Gibraltar.

Sanat Clara School District

flexible committee table

A unique table: at first glance, it’s a standard committee table, but we built this so that every user has their own individual section. Each of these can be moved apart for social distance if conditions require it. Wire runs throughout the set allowing for full wiring support in any configuration.

Yavapai College Board

committee table with logo

This is the next step up in complexity and budget from Lodge Grass. Again, custom fabrication allows us to determine the best size and arc to fit the room and the number of users. We’ve also added a custom logo panel to the front of the table.

Memphis Light, Gas, and Water

Memphis LGW Committee Board Meeting Table

We built this table for a room used for public-facing meetings. This table uses a fancier set of material choices and a more complex wiring arrangement. Whatever level of fit, finish, and capability you need – Paul Downs can handle it!