Designing for Your Custom Conference Table

Designing a new space or reconfiguring an older space is exciting! There are so many ways to be creative with wall color, carpet, furniture, and more! To help your planning process for your new conference table, keep reading!

oval boardroom table with logo

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. What is the size of the room? Get in there with those tape measures and get some precise measurements.
  2. What is the room shape? Get an idea if your room is square, rectangle, round, or oval shaped.
  3. Are there any structural impediments or a structural focus like a column or window?
  4. What is the impression of the space? Is it being used for collaborative meetings, formal stakeholder events, weekly staff breakfasts, videoconferencing with clients?

Great!  Now, you have an idea of your room size and the design concepts so give us a call at 484.680.7102.  If you have a little more time, here are a few other items to consider when shopping for your conference room table:

  1. Do your meeting room doors open in or out?  You’d be surprised how many inches a few open doors subtracts from a space.
  2. Walls, ceilings, and floors are important to keep in mind. Lots of windows? High ceilings? Track lighting? Chandeliers? Dark wood floors, carpet, or tile?
  3. Consider your existing decor. In a business setting, matching furniture makes an important impression. Is the room modern, classic, contemporary, or formal? Keep everything in line with your branding. A classic conference room in a historic building may have a different feel than a collaborative meeting space in a tech high-rise.
  4. Are you thinking of adding a credenza, bookcase, side server, or podium area?  If so, you’ll need to subtract that space out of your dimensions and also allow space for walking and moving around.
  5. What kind of chairs are you considering? Remember, everyone needs space to feel comfortable and to be able to pull out those chairs and walk between the table and the wall.  
  6. Do you have a TV, screen, or other presentation items? If everyone in your meeting will have to face a wall or screen, you may need to consider which way the chairs are facing and re-think the shape or direction of your table.

Don’t get overwhelmed – we know how to make this designing process so much easier!  Just call with your table needs and we are here to help!  Nate or Don will walk you through the design process so you know exactly what your table will look like in YOUR space.

If you haven’t already, please look through our gallery of custom conference tables. You can choose any of these designs as a starting point for your project, or you can submit your own designs. For help designing your custom conference project, contact us today at 484-680-7102 or