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social distancing table

Custom can quickly adapt to a new normal, no matter how that looks for each client. We’re solutions providers with real expertise, championing American craftsmanship and innovation since 1986. Deemed experts by the experts at Zoom.


  • Room size and camera being used? This will determine the max size table. Send floor plans and/or photos of the space if available.
  • Number of users and space per person (given new social distancing)?
  • Has a screen sharing method been decided? i.e. Zoom Room or other wired/wireless software service. Number and location of screens in the room?
  • What is typically being displayed on the screens?
  • Room acoustics? What is the floor material, chairs being used, and ceiling material? Are mics being used? These things work in combination to affect sound quality.
  • Do you need power/data ports or other technology built-in? Power source per individual or shared?
  • Are you working with an AV integrator?
  • Material considerations: durability, easy to clean, smudge-proof, antimicrobial, and least amount of glare (the camera will pick up glare with higher sheen surfaces).
  • Is there existing furniture/millwork we need to match (color & wood species)?
  • Would you like to include a logo in the table?

We’d love to help you improve the workflow and increase the efficiency of your teleconferencing meetings. Our expert Design Engineers are terrific at listening to your needs – they seek to understand the function and use of not just the table the entire room. They’ll suggest solutions that provide the best functional use of space while working within your budget. Contact us today for help.

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