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Making the Most of Audio Video Integration | Paul Downs Cabinetmakers


Making the Most of Audio/Video Integration: Dedicated Teleconference Room

The Basics

Meeting power and data needs is essential if your organization relies on teleconferencing. We’ve got you covered – whether you need a table that enhances your ability to teleconference or hard wiring for extra-tight security purposes. Our custom conference tables help you address the growing business demand for conducting meetings with participants at more than one location.

We integrate power and data into our tables in a way that’s seamless and adaptable. We have experience with many configurations of teleconferencing rooms. In addition, our expert design engineers consider the functionality of the entire room – not just the table. This is a holistic approach that won’t leave you stuck with technology that’s obsolete in 5 years!

A/V collaborators trust our work – we know how to run wires, drill for drop-ins, and generally make A/V integration easy. Not only that, but our teleconferencing tables are a breeze to install. In the words of an Installnet installer, “32 years in the business and this was the best and easiest conference table I ever [put together].” 


But what about beyond basic audio/visual needs? A trend we’ve noticed at Paul Downs Custom Furniture is the move to dedicated teleconferencing rooms. This is a vital step to ensuring productive meetings with more companies and teams employing remote collaborators than ever.

motorized pop-up screens

Audio and visual needs can get complex as the room grows in size. We’re adept at handling A/V needs both big and small. No matter if your primary focus is in the room or through the screen, no matter the scale.

We can handle your A/V needs without having it dominate the table as we employ a great variety of methods to incorporate power and data. Your custom conference table with A/V solution is guaranteed to fit your conference room in both function and aesthetic. No details go unnoticed by our team!

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Whether you’re meeting virtually with clients or co-workers having a space – and conference table – designed specifically with remote collaboration in mind is an investment in productivity. This is true for businesses of all sizes – fortune 500 or family-owned. We’ve designed and built video-conferencing solutions for highly secure locations where security was paramount. And we’re equally adept at creating simpler but still highly effective video-conferencing solutions for smaller organizations. We build these video-conferencing tables all from the same shop with the same expertise.

Things like table shape can make a huge difference in visibility, impacting the quality of the experience for all participants. Want to learn more about shapes conducive to video-conferencing? Check out this informative blog! We can also help you make your video-conferencing space more flexible by using reconfigurable modular tables. Routinely change the space to fit your current needs without sacrificing the ability to teleconference.


If you haven’t already, please look through our gallery of custom conference tables. You can choose any of these designs as a starting point for your project, or you can submit your own designs. For help designing your custom conference project, contact us today at 610-239-0142 or