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Unique Branding | Paul Downs Cabinetmakers

Unique Branding

unique modern conference table

Occasionally we’re asked by a client to incorporate branding that’s specific to their organization, that’s different than our traditional methods. We’ve had some fun with these projects. We’re happy to collaborate and create a really cool table that makes a statement, using materials and references that will promote your brand.

Hancock Lumber

custom branding conference table

A lumber company is going to want a beautiful wood table, naturally, but aside from that, how to make their boardroom distinctive? How about a slice of a tree in the center? It’s a good illustration of how imaginative design makes for a spectacular project.

Churchill Engineering

custom logo reception desk

This custom reception desk stands out for its 3FORM LED lightbox logo, while the use of quartered oak ensures a match to the rest of the furniture of the reception area.

Align Design

An inlaid laser-engraved oar takes this solid wood table to another level. This unique and one-of-a-kind design was made for a resort that focuses on outdoor adventure.


CubeSmart Branded Custom Boardroom Table

This CubeSmart table shows that branding can be understated. The subtle cube pattern throughout the tabletop reinforces their brand without being too flashy.

Troy Construction

This construction company has been serving the pipeline industry for more than 70 years. They’re proud of the work they do and their table brings them together under a united mission of “Doing The Right Thing”.

Thinking about making a statement with your table? Learn more about our logo process or take a look at our logo and branding table gallery for more inspiration.