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Why Laminate | Paul Downs Cabinetmakers

Why Laminate

Everyone’s familiar with laminate. And you probably already have an idea of where it belongs: Kitchens. Bathrooms. Any place that will see hard use and you don’t want to think about. But for a custom conference table? In a room that matters? Hmmmmm.

At Paul Downs, we don’t let the way others use materials hold us back. The fact is, laminate has many more advantages than disadvantages.

laminate committee table

Why We Use Laminate

Let’s start with durability. It’s not impossible to damage laminate tables, but it takes a concerted effort. Laminate is a great choice for meetings where the participants aren’t going to be on their best behavior. Greasy dishes, sweaty glasses, a dropped laptop – no problem. Additionally, it’s easier to clean and can stand up to harsher sanitizing agents than wood.

Additionally, laminates don’t require finishing. This reduces fabrication time and lowers cost, compared to an equivalent wood table. Laminates are also available in a huge variety of colors, patterns, and textures – including various wood species and other materials such as metal – as seen in the gallery above.

Custom Printed Laminate

Laminate tables have long been preferred for their low cost and high durability.  Now we can have custom printed sheets made at a reasonable cost.  This allows for fabulous, high-impact graphic designs.  The process starts with client-supplied logo files.  Our design engineers will use these to design the table,  and make a software simulation what the table will look like:

laminate logo conference table

After client approval, we send the graphics files to Wilsonart, and then get back a sample of the graphic printed onto a 15″ x 19″panel.  Here’s one we got for an Air Force job:

The finished tables look fabulous:

conference table with logo

colorful conference table

graphic laminate conference table

conference table with logos

Laminate allows for a variety of design choices, stands up to active use, and costs less than wood. When you need the advantages of custom – the right size, the right shape, some tricky wiring, or whatever the others can’t provide – call Paul Downs and we’ll give you a durable solution at a reasonable price.

Need help determining the right material for your custom conference table?

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