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5 Conference Room Must-Haves | Paul Downs Cabinetmakers


5 Conference Room Must-Haves

When you’ve been building custom tables for as long as we have, you’ll see certain requests pop up more often than others. This not only gives an insight into emerging trends but extensive expertise in the most requested features.

1. What size and shape will work best in my room?

extra long conference table

Because we build from the ground up no solution is impossible. Have an extra-large or oddly shaped room? We have over 30 years of experience building sizes and shapes you won’t see in any catalog.

2. How can I build flexibility into my table?

Today’s workplace thrives on flexibility and meeting various needs in a single space. Reconfigurable tables, such as modulars, increase the value of a room by making it suitable for multiple tasks. We create tables to accommodate your changing needs – from large boardroom meetings to training sessions to smaller breakout style meetings.

3. What technology do I need and where do I put it?

power and data

One of the most common requests is for A/V and data integrations. We have considerable experience incorporating power and data from the simple, such as power outlets, to the complex such as pop-up monitors. We integrate power seamlessly into the table so no matter your preference–wired or wireless–there’s no mess.

4. How do I show pride in my organization?

conference table with logo

A logo is symbol of your organization’s brand. The elegance in which we incorporate your company’s branding is a statement in and of itself. Our top-quality processes, a combination of time-tested tradition and innovative modern technology, allow us to help you best showcase your logo.

5. How do I make the right impression on my visitors?

Last but certainly not least, we build tables other manufacturers can’t or won’t. This means you’ll end up with a unique project that impresses all.