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Agile Solutions for Logos and Branding | Paul Downs Cabinetmakers

Agile Solutions for Logos and Branding

What does “Agile” mean?  It’s the ability to move quickly in different directions depending on the circumstances. In manufacturing, agile is difficult. Factories work best when they make the same thing, over and over, in huge quantities, without modification. The opposite of agile.  

Paul Downs is agile. We listen to what our clients want, show them options of how to achieve their goals, and then build whatever they choose. We’re agile because we’re not a factory. We’re a workshop. We don’t produce vast quantities of the same thing. We use a wide variety of materials, techniques, and finishes. We make tables in every conceivable configuration. We build everything we make one at a time. We rely on people, not robots. And people can listen and respond to new requirements better than any factory.

Need some examples? Let’s focus on a request we get from many of our clients: to add their logo or branding to their table. There are lots of ways to do this, and we can switch from one method to another whenever we need to. Here are a few examples of our unique agility:

City of Quincy

A small Massachusetts town wants its Emergency Operations Center to be a focal point for a diverse team of first responders. Paul Downs deploys custom-printed laminate to deliver a very complex graphic design at a budget price. We did the graphics for the client and had Wilsonart print a single sheet of laminate that we used to make the top. As you can see, it’s a remarkable table.

Churchill Engineering

This is a wood inlaid logo – we’ve laser-cut out letters and shapes from colored veneers, and then inlaid them into a figured cherry top. This approach is labor intensive, but the results are stunning. When you want the height of elegance, a wood inlay is the way to go.

Hancock Lumber

Hancock Lumber Round Conference Room Table

Some of the things our clients want don’t fit into neat categories. Hancock, a lumber dealer, asked for a slice from one of their trees as the centerpiece of their table. You asked for it, you got it. We built a glass-covered chamber into the tabletop so that a slice of log can fit neatly inside.

What is your wildest dream? What have your colleagues asked for that you didn’t know how to accomplish? Worry no more. Contact Paul Downs today and we’ll figure out a way to make it happen.