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Congratulations on the 30th anniversary!  Actually, we love both of our tables as well as the buffet.  They are works of art.  We constantly get compliments on them.  The first table you did for us with the company compass logo has so much intricate detailing in the woodwork – amazing craftsmanship.  The second table without the logo is perfection as well.  It reminds us of artisans of ages past when true craftsmanship reigned.  These tables will be valued furniture for many years to come.  Thank you!  Kathy Lohberg, CISR – Administrative Services Manager – AmRisc – Houston

AmRisc Table Top

AmRisc Table Top

Testimonials for Amrisc Table

AmRisc front and side view









We love hearing from our happy clients and customers.  We love receiving images and information about the uses and impressions our table have made over time.

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