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Nightmare Scenario #3 - Deliver the Goods | Paul Downs Cabinetmakers

Nightmare Scenario #3 – Deliver the Goods

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The management team has picked out your new conference table from a catalog online. Meetings to discuss size, color, and style went on for weeks.  Finally, the order was approved and delivery day has arrived.  Now there’s a truck driver standing in front of your desk, asking you how you intend to get the table into your building.  You walk out with him to his truck and see your new table: a bunch of enormous cardboard boxes strapped to a pallet 8 feet long.  One of them has a huge hole in it, and its top corner is crushed.  You can’t see how bad it is, because the floor of the truck is at chest height, and you can’t see how you can climb up to look.  You ask the driver about the hole, and he shrugs.  Instead of acknowledging the damage,  he asks you how long it will take to get your forklift ready, as he needs to hit the road to complete his route.  You don’t have a forklift or a loading dock, and frankly, you didn’t realize that this is your problem.  But now it is.  As you’re walking back to your desk,  your boss stops you.  “Is the table here?  When can we start using it?  I’m bringing some new clients in at 4, and I want to show it off.”


We’ll give you a different experience –  no horrifying surprises! Delivery is a critical part of your table purchase.  Here’s how we do it:

  1. How We Get It To You: We use commercial trucking services to move the table from our shop to you. This allows us to ship work anywhere on the continent quickly and at a reasonable cost.
  2. Keep Damage From Occurring: Conference tables are large and bulky but we build and pack them so that they can be shipped without damage. Your table will be made in pieces, with a maximum size of 4 feet x 8 feet (the size of a standard sized sheet of plywood.) All of the pieces will be wrapped in foam and cardboard.  Then all of those pieces will put into a custom crate, specially designed to prevent your table from becoming damaged.
  3. Working With You: The pallets are large and heavy – between 500 and 1000 pounds. A loading dock and pallet jack or a forklift is required to safely remove the crate from the truck. Because of this problem, we can deliver your table in a few ways:
    1. You assemble: If you have the ability to receive a pallet and move the pieces into your space, then we can ship directly to you. Our tables are designed to be very easy to assemble – any handy person can do it. We can sometimes offer discounts for self-assembly.
    2. With inside delivery: We will ship to a local furniture installer. We use Installnet to identify quality local installers or we will work with whatever provider you prefer. The installer will be able to get the pallet off the truck and then bring the wrapped pieces into your space, unwrap them, and assemble the table.


  1. Nothing To Hide:  We will quote Freight costs along with the table once the design is settled. No hidden costs. No hidden fees.  And we’ll review every option with you before you place your order so that you get the level of service that’s best for you!


If you haven’t already, please look through our gallery of custom conference tables. You can choose any of these designs as a starting point for your project, or you can submit your own designs. For help designing your custom conference project, contact us today at 610-239-0142 or