Paul Downs Case Study: Senior Leadership Briefing Room

So you’ve designed a really cool briefing room for a VERY important client.  The centerpiece: a large open table with complex architectural details. It has to hold microphones, hidden motorized monitors, a roll-out presenter’s podium with adjustable desk height, and all the wiring to connect. And it needs to hit the budget target. And time is running short. Who do you call?

Project Scope:  Table. Mobile Podium with Lift. Wall and Ceiling Panels

Penza Bailey Architects can tell you: Paul Downs to the rescue!  We were introduced to PBA by CTI, the general contractor on the job.  Our Design Engineer, Don Wuest, ran the project.  “They had a good handle on what they needed…but since this is a highly secure facility, the end user wanted to see our manufacturing process and monitor it closely.”

Work began in our Bridgeport, PA workshop in February of 2016. Architect Dave Morin from Penza Bailey worked closely with Don to implement the functional requirements for the table while preserving design intent. Construction in the room began in June of 2016.  Then, disaster: an overwhelmed manufacturer confessed that they were going to miss the deadline for the custom wall and acoustic panels needed to complete the room. Paul Downs stepped up to solve the problem.  Our skilled craftsmen and flexible manufacturing capabilities produced all of that extra work – just in time.

Delivery and installation of a complex table and its wiring can be a nightmare, particularly in a highly secure environment with limited access.  But our table, like everything we do, was designed with ease of transport and installation in mind.  Instead of the 4 days budgeted for assembly, the videoconferencing table was ready to go in 2 days.  This was a huge win for everyone involved as the clocked ticked down to opening day.

Table assembled and ready for inspection

When the project is difficult, a lot of manufacturers head for the hills.  Not Paul Downs.  Give us a call and you’re on your way to an easy solution for your toughest problems.

If you haven’t already, please look through our gallery of custom conference tables. You can choose any of these designs as a starting point for your project, or you can submit your own designs. For help designing your custom conference project, contact us today at 610-239-0142 or

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