PDC Staff Blog – Tom Hefferon

PDC Staff Blog

PDC Staff Blog – Tom Hefferon, Client Relationship Manager

It’s been almost five months since I’ve started working at Paul Downs.  Like most of our customers, I didn’t know the first thing about manufacturing tables.   Most of us give little thought to the tables in our lives and I had no idea all that goes into it.  Since coming on board I’ve discovered a new world of different table designs.   Whether talking about modular tables, traditional boat or rectangle tables, or completely unique tables, I have come to love the tables produced here at Paul Downs.

I’ve come from completely different industries and never experienced anything like what I’ve seen here.  I’ve never worked at a manufacturing plant before, probably because they are so scarce here in the United States.  Seeing our tables built from scratch in our shop, by these skilled craftsmen, makes me proud to be a part of this organization.   Everything built here is made with such care and love that it’s easy to see why we take such pride in our work.   I think that is the big difference from made in the USA and others.  Here it’s about pride, elsewhere it’s often about fast and cheap.  

I’ve always been in the business of helping people and making them happy, so I wasn’t sure how I would fit in here at Paul Downs.  I often wondered if I would like just selling tables to people, then I realized I had it all wrong.   We don’t just sell tables, we often sell solutions.  People come to us because they have a problem and no one else can solve it.  I love it when a customer say, “Tom I really need your help.”  Often times our clients are looking for a unique solution that only we can offer.   The five main areas most of our clients need our help is, integrating technology into their table, making the best use of hard to fit spaces, a table that would be the centerpiece work of art with that “wow” factor, tables that can be reconfigured and moved easily, and finally adding their logo onto to table to make it uniquely theirs.   

These past five months have been great and I look forward too many years to come with this great company.   I also look forward to speaking with all of our clients from the past and those we haven’t met yet.  Next time you call in to Paul Downs, be sure to mention you read this staff blog.  I always love speaking to friendly voices on the other side.

Staff Blog - Tom Hefferon

Tom Hefferon, Client Relationship Manager at Paul Downs Custom Furniture.

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