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Paul Downs Custom Furniture: Shipping and Installation | Paul Downs Cabinetmakers


Paul Downs Custom Furniture: Shipping and Installation

As the weeks go by and your project is built, we look over every aspect from matching the veneer to the multiple coats of finish. After quality control is done and the table is disassembled, we expertly construct our crates, pack with the utmost care, and ship through reputable carriers. We want our clients to have the best experience possible on installation day.


So, we employ the best possible people and use the best possible process to make sure that the one-of-a-kind piece our customer has ordered is ready to be installed and admired.

Freight and delivery costs vary widely depending on how far you are from the shop, and whether you can receive freight. Most of the time the cost of moving the table to you is around 10% of the item cost. But not always. We will quote these costs along with the table, once the design is settled.

We use commercial trucking services to move the table from our shop to you. This allows us to ship work anywhere on the continent quickly, at a reasonable cost. Conference tables are large and bulky, but we build and pack them so that they can be shipped without damage. Your table will be made in pieces, with a maximum size of 4 feet x 8 feet (the size of a standard sized sheet of plywood.) All of the pieces will be wrapped in foam, and then enclosed in another layer of cardboard, with heavy duty cardboard corner protectors. Then all of those pieces will put into a custom crate, designed to provide superior protection during transit.


The pallets are large and heavy. Most of them are 4 feet wide, 8 feet long, and 4.5 feet high, and weigh between 500 and 1000 pounds. A loading dock and pallet jack, or a forklift, is required to safely remove the crate from the truck. Because of this problem, we offer two levels of delivery service

With inside delivery:
We will ship to a local furniture installer. We use Installnet to identify qualified local installers, or we will work with whatever provider you prefer. The installer will be able to get the pallet off the truck, and then bring the wrapped pieces into your space, unwrap them, and assemble the table.

You assemble:
If you have the ability to receive a pallet and move the pieces into your space, then we can ship directly to you. Our tables are designed to be very easy to assemble – any handy person can do it.

We put together this fun time-lapse video of our talented craftsmen in action (well, they don’t quite move this fast)!


If you haven’t already, please look through our gallery of custom conference tables. You can choose any of these designs as a starting point for your project, or you can submit your own designs. For help designing your custom conference project, contact us today at 610-239-0142 or