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Nightmare Scenario #4 – But I Need Help Right Now!

Nightmare Scenario #4 – I Need Help Right Now! You’ve FINALLY been given the green light on the new conference room project. You know what size you need, you know how many seats you need, you know what kind of wood is preferred by the board, you know the power and data needs for the...

Nightmare Scenario #3 – Deliver the Goods

[box title=”Nightmare Scenario 3 – Deliver the Goods” style=”1″] The management team has picked out your new conference table from a catalog online. Meetings to discuss size, color, and style went on for weeks.  Finally, the order was approved and delivery day has arrived.  Now there’s a truck driver standing in front...

Nightmare Scenario #2 – Tables of All Shapes and Sizes

Nightmare Scenario #2 [box title=”All Shapes and Sizes” style=”1″] The great news is: Your company has grown a bit and needs to expand to some new meeting rooms and offices. The bad news is: Your secondary conference space is an odd shaped room with a lot of length and very little width. A regular sized...

Nightmare Scenario #1 – Power and Data

Nightmare Scenario #1 [box title=”Power and Data” style=”1″] You arrive at the office on Tuesday and notice an extension cord running from the lobby into the conference room. You follow the cord and find Pete, from facilities, standing over your new conference table with a running circular saw. He sees you and shouts that...