Conference Table Care & Cleaning

We build our conference room tables to be as durable as they can be but additional measures can further protect your table long term. Here’s what you need to know to care for your modern conference tables and keep them in good condition.

cleaning your conference table

General Care

To keep your conference table in pristine shape there are some common-sense general care practices. If you spill on the table, clean it up right away. Be mindful of the items placed directly on the table. Use trivets for hot items such as pizza boxes. Also, just as you would at home, use placemats and coasters for each person at the table. This has the added bonus of being easier to disinfect.


It’s best to wear disposable gloves before starting. Use a damp rag and gently rub at any encrusted grime until it softens and loosens. Use a mild soap if needed. Never use an abrasive pad such as a scotch-brite. With our solid wood and veneer tables, try to avoid abrasive cleaners as much as feasibly possible. You’ll want to follow up cleaning with disinfecting.


While cleaning reduces the number of germs, disinfecting actually kills germs on surfaces. Use CDC recommended disinfectants and follow the instructions on the label, taking care to keep the surface wet for a period of time. Should your table receive severe damage, it can be stripped and refinished. Contact us for advice as to how best to handle this.

conference table cover

Additionally, consider investing in custom table covers to preserve the condition of your table during this period of “new normal”. With over 30 years of experience in custom design solutions, our tables are built to help keep you ahead of the curve.