Metal Accents

Make the right impressions with your clients.

metal accent conference table

We offer metals like brushed aluminum and stainless steel that can be used to give you the unique look you want.  Metal inlays are a nice way to add a contemporary touch to more traditional materials.  We’ve done table centers, strip inlays, table bases, and logos. At Paul Downs, we craft each and every one of our tables by hand, so you can be sure that your metal conference table will be beautiful, durable, and functional. Because we understand the value and impact of your brand, we offer a variety of metals to incorporate into your design to complement the elegance of wood.

metal conference table

Our expert Design Engineers are terrific at listening to your needs – they seek to understand the function and use of not just the table the entire room. They’ll suggest solutions that provide the best functional use of space while working within your budget. Contact us today for help.

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