• Bancroft Solid Top Conference Table

    Bancroft Table

  • Bancroft Solid Top Conference Table

    Table on our shop floor, prior to finish sanding and finishing.

  • Bancroft Solid Top Conference Table

    Table underside, showing steel reinforcement.


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Bancroft Solid Top Table

Premium Grade

A conventional table design can be built with an entirely solid wood top.  There are a lot of reasons to not do this – see our FAQs for a detailed explanation of how we use solid wood – but in this case all the factors were favorable.  This is an 18 foot long table, 8 feet wide at the wide end and 54″ wide at the narrow end.  Take a look at the shot of the underside of the table, showing the reinforcing steel that helps keep the table flat.  This is a little extra insurance to prevent warping and cracking, supplementing the critical analysis of wood moisture and grain orientation that is necessary for a solid top of this size to work.

Note also that very large solid-top tables have a rather plain appearance.  There can’t be a contrasting edge band, multi color top, or inlays.  All of those embellishments are only possible with veneer construction.

Conference Table Details
Dimensions 96 to 54 x 216
Function Videoconference
Cost Group Premium
Shape V-Shaped
Size Medium
Style Solid Wood Top
Materials Cherry
Client Type Law
Edge Style Chamfer
Base Type Tapered Box