Audiovisual Conference Tables

Today’s conference rooms are often used for video-conferencing and presentations, which means audiovisual conference tables are a must. At our company, we offer a variety of ways to turn a regular table into one that’s perfect for today’s technology.

There are more than 140 boardroom and conference tables on this site. Use the sort tabs to see different types of tables that we have created. Questions? CALL US at 1-484-680-7102. You’ll talk to an experienced designer who will be happy to help you.

If a conference table with power is what you need, the experts at Paul Downs can integrate power/data units into your table via hatches, troughs, pop-up elements, table edge units, base units, and more so you have power whenever you need it.

We can also help you create a table that is physically designed to cater to conferences and presentations. With the right shape and the right amount of space for your seats, we can facilitate great sightlines for those attending your meeting.