Boardroom Conference Tables

At Paul Downs, we specialize in building custom boardroom conference tables that will improve the look, style, and functionality of your business. Please make sure to call or contact us to get started today. We look forward to working with you.

More Information

A boardroom conference table is often the focal point of a conference room, which means yours should not only be a beautiful, it should also reflect who you are as a company. We can create a unique piece of furniture that can elevate your business space while enhancing its décor.


At Paul Downs, we can create tables in many different shapes, and which you choose may depend on how much space you have, the shape of your room, or the type of meeting you want to achieve. Many choose our rectangular or boat-shaped conference tables, as they allow maximum seating capacity. However, others opt for u-shaped or v-shaped to facilitate videoconferencing or round to promote discussion and brainstorming.


Anyone can have a beautiful boardroom conference table, but not everyone will have a beautiful table that also features their company’s logo. We can incorporate your logo or brand into your table by inlaying it, overlaying it, or engraving it for the ultimate personal touch. We want to help you make an impression on your employees and visitors with a custom conference table that’s created just for you.