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Cherry Conference Tables

Cherry wood is one of our most popular conference table woods for many reasons: it has an exotic look, is available in several shades of color, and is a strong, dependable species. Our Cherry conference tables are perfect for any style of conference room.

There are more than 140 boardroom and conference tables on this site. Use the sort tabs to see different types of tables that we have created. Questions? CALL US at 1-484-680-7102. You’ll talk to an experienced designer who will be happy to help you.

At Paul Downs, we can create your Cherry conference table to be made completely from Cherry or we can use the wood as an edge, base, or center complement to another type of wood. Which you choose depends on the look you want and the shape of your table.

Because Cherry is so versatile, we can also create your table to be virtually any size and any shape. Whether you need a small, stylish conference table or a large conference table that makes a statement, Cherry is the perfect wood for the job.