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Healthquest Large Oval Conference Table | Paul Downs

Healthquest Oval Table

Premium Grade

This is a large conference table in a mathematically perfect oval shape. Tables like this need to be rather large or the ends get crowded. This example is 20 feet long and 8 feet wide at the center. The boardroom table top has 4 Mockett PCS-3 power/data units under custom hatches. Table top is ribbon mahogany with solid mahogany edge, and a Bolivian Rosewood center.

If this Healthquest table is one you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to contact our design experts. We can create an oval conference table that mimics this design completely or we can customize it to your liking. From the wood we use to the details we include, we’ll help you design your custom conference table look.
Conference Table Details
Dimensions 240 x 96
Function Boardroom, AV Integration
Cost Group Premium
Shape Round / Oval
Size / # of Users Seats 18 – 22
Style Amazing Woods, Transitional, Colorful
Materials Exotic Woods, Mahogany, Rosewood
Industry Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals
Finish Catalyzed Polyurethane
Data Ports Mockett PCS-3 under hatch

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