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Heil Trailer - Scissoring Boardroom Table | Paul Downs

Heil Trailer

Ultra Grade

Scissoring conference tables can perform a neat trick: when closed, they act like a regular boardroom table, when opened they facilitate video conferencing. Our design has a giant pivot hinge in the end base, which is secured to the floor. The pedestals in the arms have wheels. The V-shaped table can be opened by a single person with one hand. Drop-down stays lock the table in position when opened. We built this example in 2013 for Heil Trailer. It has a mahogany top with brushed aluminum inlays, and ebonized base. Of course you can order one in any size and color combination you wish. We have two other examples of large scissor conference tables on the site: HUD, and NASA

If this Heil Trailer table is one you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to contact our design experts. We can create a scissoring conference table that mimics this design completely or we can customize it to your liking. From the wood we use to the details we include, we’ll help you design your custom conference table look.
Conference Table Details
Dimensions 210 x 64 (closed width)
Function Boardroom, Logos, AV Integration, Reconfigurable, Videoconference, Scissoring
Logos / Branding Wood Inlay Logos, Other Logos
Cost Group Ultra
Shape V-Shaped
Size / # of Users Seats 14 – 18
Style Colorful
Materials Mahogany, Mixed Materials
Industry Business & Manufacturing
Finish Catalyzed Polyurethane
Base Type Scissors

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