• Pohlyco Conference Table
  • Pohlyco Conference Table
  • Pohlyco Conference Table
  • Pohlyco Conference Table

    Table base - cover panels removed

  • Pohlyco Conference Table

    Completed table in our office


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Pohlyco Table

Premium Grade

Almost a square boardroom table.  At 72 x 84, it has plenty of space to sit 8 or 10 people, but will still fit in a small space. The top is made of bubinga with a cherry edge, and there's a single Mockett PCS-3 in the center, under a custom hatch. We've included close-up shots of the edge, hatch, and the base without the top, showing the internal wire runs and steel support beams under the top.  This client chose a number of details that made this custom conference table more expensive than it could have been, like a more complex edge, and inlay line.  She chose to save money on the base, which is very simple.  Bang for the buck.
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Conference Table Details
Dimensions84 x 72
Cost GroupPremium
Size / # of UsersSeats fewer than 10
MaterialsExotic Woods, Cherry, Mahogany, Other Materials
FinishCatalyzed Polyurethane
Edge StyleAstragal & Cove
Base Type4 Arm
Data PortsMockett PCS-3 under hatch