• Telemus-Unbuilt Conference Table
  • Telemus-Unbuilt Conference Table
  • Telemus-Unbuilt Conference Table


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Premium Grade

We built a beautiful table for Telemus Solutions in 2012.  In the course of preparing designs for their review, we came up with a variation that we like a lot, but that didn’t get built.  You’re looking at it.  There are two main differences:  this table has 3 data ports instead of 4, and a more modern base.  It’s slightly cheaper too.

Conference Table Details
Dimensions 216 x 72
Function Boardroom
Cost Group Premium
Shape Boat / Rectangle
Size Medium
Style Modern / Contemporary, Experimental, Colorful, Innovative, Amazing Woods
Materials Exotic Woods, Cherry
Client Type Business & Manufacturing
Finish Catalyzed Polyurethane
Data Ports Mockett PCS-3 under hatch