• US Connec Conference Table

    Table in our office

  • US Connec Conference Table

    Flip-it FIK-19 unit closed

  • US Connec Conference Table

    Flip-it FIK-19 unit opened

  • US Connec Conference Table

    Edge detail


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US Connec Table

Premium Grade

This custom boardroom table has a Flip-it FIK-19 unit mounted at one end. These units mount a monitor and keyboard under the table top. Pulling on the keyboard flips the panel up and reveals the monitor. Very popular with military clients. The other power/data units are Mockett PCS-17s. Otherwise, it's a fairly wide boat shaped conference table for its length: 12 feet long, 5.5 feet wide at the center. Top is Maple laminate with a solid Maple edge.
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Conference Table Details
Dimensions144 x 66
FunctionBoardroom, Videoconference, AV Integration
Cost GroupPremium
ShapeBoat / Rectangle
Custom SizeSeats 10 – 14
MaterialsMaple, Laminate, Other Materials
ClientBusiness & Manufacturing, Furniture Dealers
Data PortsFlip-it FIK-19; Mockett PCS-17