• v shape table
  • V Shape Table
  • v shape table
  • V Shape Table


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Lincoln Electric Welding School

Looking to meet your needs for teleconferencing and presentations in a single boardroom table? This walnut V-Shaped conference table is an excellent choice. It includes 9 power and data hatches and a full case. The tabletop features 1/2" inlay of matte aluminum laminate and a solid wood edge. We built this custom conference table in 2017 for Lincoln Electric's new Welding School.
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Conference Table Details
Dimensions330" x 140" at widest end; 71" at narrow end
ClientBusiness & Manufacturing, Education
Social DistancingU and V Shaped
FinishSatin catalyzed polyurethane topcoats, open pore finish
Data PortsExtron power and data ports under frameless hatch