Conference Table Design to Delivery Guide

Modern Conference Table Design

American Craftsmanship and Innovation since 1986

Paul Downs has been creating custom furniture for more than 30 years. We specialize in a modern conference room table design that is tailored to meet our clients’ needs.  We provide custom solutions you won’t find anywhere else. Our team will guide your project through design, construction, shipping, and installation into your space.

You will be glad you called us, because we make custom easy.

Free Consultation Conference Table

First: Contact Us For A Free Consultation


If you haven’t already, please look through our gallery of custom conference tables. Choose any of them as a starting point for your project, or submit your own designs. Most of our clients rely on us to produce a unique solution, but we’re happy to work with architects, interior designers, and furniture dealers to execute their design vision.

The next step is an exchange of information. You can contact us by phone or email. We’ll ask you some simple questions to get a better understanding of your needs. We’ll help establish a budget for your project and determine a timeline that works for you. This call ordinarily takes 10 to 20 minutes.

You can call from 9:00 AM-5:30 PM EST on weekdays or contact us by email at any time to get started.

Email us! Contact us!

Expert Conference Table Designers

Step 2: Collaborate With Our Expert Designers


Once we have gathered the information we need, our design engineers will begin work on a virtual model showing our custom solution. We’ll schedule a teleconferencing meeting for you and your team to review our ideas. You’ll work with an experienced design engineer, who will explain how everything works, and can make changes in real time as you watch.

When you are happy with what you see, we’ll submit a detailed quote. This will include photorealistic images showing what the modern conference table design (and any other pieces you need) will look like, examples of the materials that we recommend, and a detailed look at the power and data capabilities.   We’ll provide exact prices and a projected delivery timeline. We’ll follow up to make sure all of your questions are answered.

Order a Custom Conference Table

Step 3: Place the Order, Confirm The Details, and See Your Project Come to Life


Once you’ve decided to proceed, and sent us a deposit or purchase order, you’ll meet our project managers. They will work closely with you for the remainder of the project. Here’s what you can expect: delivery date confirmation; detailed confirmation of what we intend to build including drawings and images of your pieces which show the quantity, size, materials, finishes, and power/data units; as well as wood samples if requested.

They’ll help you if you need any changes. You’ll be able to review every detail before fabrication begins. After you’ve approved the final design, your project enters production. Our project managers will keep you updated as we build your furniture.

Our skilled craftsmen build and finish each piece to perfection. If there are multiple pieces in the order, they’re built simultaneously. Your pieces will be fully assembled before and after finish coatings are applied. Your project managers complete a detailed checklist at each inspection to ensure that every piece meets our quality standards. They will also contact you to confirm all the details of shipping and installation.

Packing & Shipping for Conference Tables

Step 4: Packing & Shipping


We ship our work all over the continent (see where they are here). To make sure that your project arrives undamaged, we take particular care with how we pack and ship. Each piece is carefully foam wrapped, then encased in a custom box with heavy-duty edge protectors. We build a custom pallet with strong walls to hold all of the boxes. That is shipped via commercial truck (in most cases) or boat or air (when required). Nobody wins if a shipment gets damaged, so we use the most reliable shippers. Our in transit damage rate is almost zero.

Packing and shipping is overseen by our logistics manager. We keep careful records of every shipment, so that we know what we shipped and when it will arrive. You’ll be given notice and tracking information when we ship so that you can rest easy, confident that you know where your project is at all times.

Delivery & Installation of Conference Tables

Step 5:  Delivery & Installation


We use certified installers to assemble your project in your space. They will bring all of the pieces into the room, assemble everything, and remove the packing materials.   

Our tables are designed to be extremely easy to assemble. No tools beyond a cordless drill are needed – any handy person can do it. You’ll need a loading dock to receive the pallet, and it’s wise to use more than one person to lift the top pieces, but hundreds of our clients have successfully assembled their tables. We’ll provide detailed instructions and live phone support. For more detailed delivery and installation information, check out our Delivery & Installation FAQ.

Custom Conference Table Design

Step 6:  Enjoy Your New Modern Conference Table Design!


Once your table is installed, our project managers check in to make sure that everything is as planned and to your satisfaction. We stand by our work and do what it takes to ensure that our customers are delighted with their finished project.

How are you going to feel when everything is finished?  Check out our testimonials and find out!

For help designing your custom conference room project, contact us today!

If you are interested in learning about how PDC can help with your plans, please look through our gallery of custom conference tables. You can choose any of these designs as a starting point for your project. Identifying what you like helps our designers get to know your style preferences, or you can submit your own designs that we will use as a guide for fabricating your custom table.

Contact us!

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