Modern Conference Table Logos & Branding

Modern Conference Table Logos
Incorporating a logo or branding into your custom conference room table is one of our specialties. We have several different methods of adding logos and branding to reinforce your company’s message and sense of pride. You won’t find these modern conference table logos and options anywhere else. Quality, precision, attention to detail, we embrace the message that you want to convey by branding your table.

Reception Desk Custom Logo

Five Methods to Incorporate Your Logo


In client facing scenarios whether it’s in person or via teleconferencing, a lasting positive impression is key. Strengthen this impact with a logo.

We’re armed with an array of methods to incorporate your logo. This gives you many choices to achieve your desired aesthetic in a cost-effective way. We can also recommend which process will work best for your project.

Gallery of Branded Tables


Inlaid Custom Conference Table Logo

Inlaid logos

Made of individual pieces of wood. These can be made using veneers, laminate, or metal.  We can use unusual or exotic woods for very elegant looking results. We’re able to use dyed veneers to get some colors that don’t occur naturally, although, predictably, there are some limitations.


Vinyl Custom Conference Table Logo

Vinyl logos

Vinyl logos are printed vinyl panels applied to the finished wood surface. This is a more cost-effective way to duplicate complex designs with custom colors and shading. Once we apply a finish over it, it blends seamlessly with the rest of the table.


Printed Laminate logos

We can combine multiple logos or any other graphic onto a custom-printed laminate sheet.  This process combines maximum visual impact with lower cost and high durability.



Carved Custom Conference Table Logo

Carved logos

The benefit of this type of logo application is the added depth and color. They’re one of the few items not done in-house – they’re supplied by our sign maker. Once carved by our sign maker, we inlay the logo into the table.


Engraved Custom Conference Table Logo

Engraved logos

These logos are done by burning the image directly into the background with our laser. They can be done on glass, stone, and metal in addition to wood. This is another low-cost way to replicate complex graphics.


Branding for Custom Conference Tables

Branding Beyond Modern Conference Table Logos


We can incorporate your visual brand in more ways than the addition of a logo. We can use patterns, colors, table shape, slogans, and more to achieve your branding message.

Incorporating branding in this way can help ensure that your table stands the test of time – no worries about logo updates or changes no longer matching.

The CubeSmart table to the right features subtle branding throughout with the use of a repeated pattern.

Keystone Conference Table Logo

The Burke Distributing table is the epitome of branding. As seen on the left, this clever design goes beyond a logo – it takes on the whole table.

The keystone shape mirrors a glass of beer with maple wood representing the body and quilted maple forming the distinctive beer head.

This shape has the added bonus of being excellent for videoconferencing and presentations, in addition to making a striking impression.

Logo Process

Custom Conference Table Logo Process

Each type of logo has its own process, each with its own layer of complexities. The method we use for creating our inlaid logos is shown below.

In this process, each logo is separated into all of its component pieces which have been cut out by our laser. They’re then assembled to by our talented craftsmen by hand. If the logo is complex, this can take many hours. We then press and glue the logo to the substrate. Next is sanding and when that’s complete, the table goes to the finishing room where we can apply any of our many finishes.

Vinyl Logo for Conference Tables

Our vinyl logos are supplied by our sign maker who print and cut the logo onto a vinyl sheet – just like the ones used for truck graphics. We apply that to a wood panel and put a finish over it.

The finish adheres very well and matches the rest of the table exactly. This logo option is the only way we can precisely duplicate logos with shaded elements and non-wood colors.

For help designing your custom conference room project, contact us today!

If you are interested in learning about how PDC can help with your plans, please look through our gallery of custom conference tables. You can choose any of these designs as a starting point for your project. Identifying what you like helps our designers get to know your style preferences, or you can submit your own designs that we will use as a guide for fabricating your custom table.

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