Reconfigurable Solutions

Reconfigurable Conference Tables
You can increase the value of a room by making it suitable for multiple tasks: trainings, teleconferencing, important board meetings, and more. How? Make your conference tables reconfigurable! Size, shape, and function flex to accommodate whatever you need, from a varied number of users to configurations that encourage interaction.

Reconfigurable Conference Tables are Elegant and Flexible


Because we offer an unlimited choice of sizes and shapes, we’re able to give you the best design solution for your room, functionally and aesthetically. These aren’t your old school room desks by a long shot. Our modular desks fall into two main styles; folding tables, great for ease of storage and our more substantial boardroom quality modular tables.

Reconfigurable Custom Conference Tables

Folding Modular Tables

These tables adapt to your use with ease. Through the use of our unique locking casters and daisy-chaining capabilities, arranging your workspace daily is a cinch making these perfect for huddle rooms.

Non-Folding Boardroom Quality Modular Tables

These are a terrific option for those who need a more substantial look or heavier wire load. They can look quite impressive as demonstrated by this table created for the World Bank.

What sets our reconfigurable modular tables apart?


Power & Data Options for Conference Tables

Variety of Power & Data Integration

We’re able to add a variety of power and data capabilities to all our tables, including our folding style modulars. We use ECA Dasiylink to run wires at either end of the table or the sides, so no matter the configuration you’ve got power. We can even achieve a heavier wire load with a full case.



Premium Wood Conference Tables

High-End Woods and Other Quality Materials 

We can use a variety of beautiful woods that communicate prestige or match an existing texture in your room. We have also identified a unique caster that works better than traditional locking casters, unused by other table manufacturers.



Custom Conference Table Shapes

Multiple Shapes for Increased Flexibility

The most common shapes are squares, rectangles, and triangle corners. We frequently make sets that include partial arcs of circles and polygonal tables, which can offer even greater flexibility in room usage and space. Even a very simple scheme, with one rectangular size and one polygon, can provide for many setups.

Tables that can be set up in these different ways are called many things: modular tables, folding tables, training tables, and reconfigurable tables. We build hundreds of these adaptable tables every year for clients who want to use their conference or huddle rooms in multiple ways.

Reconfigurable Conference Tables

If you haven’t already, please look through our gallery of custom conference tables. You can choose any of these designs as a starting point for your project, or you can submit your own designs. For help designing your custom conference project, call us today at 610-239-0142 or email us

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