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Conference Table Shipping & Installation - Help Guides | Paul Downs


You could be anywhere. Our table shipping & installation will make sure your project arrives on time and in one piece. We bring the same craftsmanship to packing, shipping, and installation that we do to designing and building your furniture. Our process, refined over thousands of projects, makes everything easy and hassle-free. Once you approve your project design, your next step is to enjoy your new furniture!

Custom Table Cost

We use commercial trucking services to move the table from our shop to you. This allows us to ship work anywhere on the continent quickly, at a reasonable cost. We only work with truckers who take care with their loads. That ensures that your pieces will arrive in good shape. We insure every shipment for the full value of the project. We’ve only had to make a claim twice in the last 15 years, but we do it anyway, for your peace of mind.

Conference room tables are large and bulky but we build and pack them so that they can be shipped without damage. Your table will be made in manageable sized pieces, and we double check to make sure they will fit into your elevator and through your doors. Everything gets wrapped in foam, and then enclosed in another layer of cardboard. We add heavy-duty edge protectors. Then we’ll bundle the boxes into a custom crate that will provide superior protection during transit.

Our crates are large and heavy. Most of them are 4 feet wide, 8 feet long, and 4.5 feet high, and weigh between 500 and 1000 pounds. A loading dock and pallet jack, or a forklift, is required to safely remove the crate from the truck. If you don’t have one handy, we’ll find installers who will do this for you.

Shipping a large table is not cheap. Companies offering “Free” table shipping are folding that cost into the table price, and cutting corners on construction quality to make up the difference.

Freight and delivery costs vary widely depending on the size of the project, the distance from our shop, and local labor rates. A quick budget estimate would be 10% of the project cost. But it can be lower or higher. We’ll quote delivery and installation along with the rest of your project.

No hidden costs. No hidden fees. And we’ll review every option with you before you place your order so that you get the level of service that’s best for you!

Delivery & Installation

Our conference room tables are designed to be easy to move and assemble.  Even the largest tables can be moved into any space. We invented an integrated hardware system which makes our tables easy to assemble.  The trickiest part of the process is getting the crate off the truck. This requires a loading dock or forklift. To solve this problem, we offer three levels of delivery service:

Inside Delivery:

We ship to a furniture installer near you. We use Installnet to identify quality providers, or we will work with your local favorite if you have one. The installer will be able to get the pallet off the truck, and then bring the wrapped pieces into your space, unwrap them, assemble the table, and remove the wrapping materials. Here’s a quick look at a recent installation:

You Assemble:

If you have the ability to receive a pallet and move the pieces into your space, then we can ship directly to you. Our tables are made in pieces that plug together. Alignment pins assure that everything fits together perfectly. We pre-install the connecting hardware. It’s easier than Ikea. We provide instructions showing how to assemble the table. And if you have questions, we’re ready to take your call. We keep complete plans and photographs of every project in our files. We’ll make sure that you succeed.

Paul Downs Delivery:

Lastly, we offer the option of delivering and installing using our craftsmen. Additionally, we can also send supervisors to work with hired installers. We usually do this when the project is extremely complex. Costs for this vary with the number of people required and the distance from the shop. 98% of our projects are successfully completed without this additional level of service.

The Paul Downs Difference

No mass-produced, cookie-cutter tables here. When it comes to custom conference room tables, Paul Downs is the pinnacle of craftsmanship. We design truly unique meeting and boardroom tables that are hand-crafted to your specifications, from power and data hatches right down to the grain of the wood we use. If you need a conference room table for your business, organization, or school, we’re just a click or call away. Someone from our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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