Custom Built Modern Conference Table

Custom Made Modern Conference Table

We Design and Build Custom Modern Conference Tables

If you’re looking for a modern conference room table that’s both functional and beautiful, Paul Downs is the best company for the job. We make custom conference tables for every purpose. Whether you want a round, V-shaped, or U-shaped table, we can create the exact shape, size and style of table that you request. From cherry and oak to mahogany and walnut, our specialists work with the most amazing wood products available.

We can design conference tables with special features, such as data units, power outlets, AV components, and hatches. No matter your preferences, our team can build a sleek conference room table that makes videoconferencing and giving presentations as seamless as possible.

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Geico Custom Modern Conference Table

At Paul Downs we can handle any job regardless of the size and complexity. In fact, we specialize in large custom conference room tables you can’t find anywhere else. Our workshop in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania has the necessary equipment our craftsmen need to produce high quality, wood conference tables in the United States. On top of that, everyone on our team is very skilled at assembly process. As a result, you get a handcrafted modern conference table that’s completely customized and can’t be found in a catalog. Take a look at some of our one-of-a-kind conference tables and stop by our location to see our team in action.

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Our Building Process

Our specialists begin each modern conference table project with an idea or addresses a potential issue for a client. Then, we design a solution that brings that idea to life or addresses their concerns. Our building process allows us to use a range of materials and techniques to create a custom conference table that fits your needs. Our craftsmen work with advanced technologies and use tradition-based building methods. Here’s a more in-depth look at how we do it.

Design Your Modern Conference Table Design & Engineering

The design engineers at Paul Downs use Sketchup, a 3D modeling program, to create an accurate rendering of what the designed conference room table will look like in your available space. With your approval, our engineers use the Sketchup design to create a detailed set of building plans. Then, the project managers, engineers, design engineers, and shop foreman carefully review the detailed drawings before they’re passed along to our woodworkers. The building plans also include a set of files that are loaded into our CNC router, which is a computer-controlled cutting machine.

Many Modern Conference Table Wood ChoicesChoosing Wood & Materials

For your project, our design engineers will determine the materials that can be used, and the project managers will provide you with samples so that you can see how each material looks in your space. When you select the type of wood you’d like to use for your conference table, our team will go to the woodpile with the detailed plans to evaluate which pieces will best suit your modern conference table. We always evaluate each piece that comes out of the factory because no two pieces are identical.

Modern Conference Table AssemblyTable Parts & Initial Assembly

At Paul Downs, every part of your project is made in the United States and is expertly handcrafted. We use the CNC router to cut the parts because it’s very precise and ensures that each piece will fit perfectly. We use a variety of other machines too, allowing us to execute hundreds of manufacturing processes with metal and wood. However, we don’t solely depend on machines to assemble your project. Instead, we rely on our skilled woodworkers to sand, glue, and fit the pieces together by hand. Before the finishing touches, we assess everything for quality.

Modern Conference Table Finishing DetailFinishing Touches, Assembly, & Inspection

A modern conference room table that’s made from wood products must be finished or sealed to protect it from dirt and wear and tear. The finishing process also brings out its natural beauty. We offer a wide selection of finishes and each of them can be applied in multiple ways. Additionally, we can use dyes, paints or stains to change the wood color as necessary. If you want to mix colors and textures, we can use a different finish for each part. Afterward, the pieces are reassembled, and our project managers perform a quality check of every piece.

Your Modern Conference Table DeliveredPacking & Shipping Your Modern Conference Table

We always offer upfront pricing and there are no hidden packing or additional fees. First, we disassemble and clean each piece. Then, we use ⅛-inch foam and a cardboard outer layer to wrap each part. We even reinforce the edges with corner protectors. Next, we use shrink wrap and steel strapping to secure the parts to a custom pallet. We place labels on each part before adding an outer wall. The table travels on an LTL truck either to you or to an installer who will complete the installation.

Clients We’ve Worked With

In most cases, our modern conference table clients are in the United States and Canada. However, we’ve made tables for clients as far away as Nigeria. They range from small to large organizations, including law offices, furniture dealers, domestic and foreign governments, hotels, universities, religious groups and private clubs. Some of our more recognizable clients include Campbell’s, Goldman Sachs, Novo Nordisk, Harvard University, Ritz Carlton Hotel and NASA. No matter the size of your organization, we’ll give your modern conference table the full attention it deserves.

Why Choose Paul Downs?

Paul Downs has been building furniture since 1986. Our specialty is large boardroom and conference tables that meet your unique needs. We make everything one piece at a time and believe that quality craftsmanship is the key to building great furniture. We use advanced technologies and will design a flexible but elegant modern conference room table that makes the most of your space. You can bring your own ideas to us or let us design everything for you. We can even incorporate your organization’s logo in various ways.

When you’re ready to begin designing your new modern conference table, our team is ready to help. You can even choose some of our existing designs as a starting point. One of our skilled specialists will get to know your style preferences in order to begin the design process. Call or contact us today to get started!

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