Custom Built Office Conference Table

Custom Office Conference Table

Our Custom Tables Are Built for Your Space

If you’re looking for a conference room table for your office, Paul Downs can design and build a custom solution that is perfect for your space. We create office conference tables of all shapes and sizes, including U-shaped and V-shaped tables. Whether you like the look of cherry, mahogany, oak, or walnut, we can work with those and other exotic woods to create a unique look. We also can incorporate AV components, power, and data hatches so that your meetings can run seamlessly in person and virtually.

Office Conference Room Table Gallery

Schanen Company Large Boat Shaped Office Conference Table

Vermont Technology Park Boat Shaped Office Meeting Table

Mitchell Theatres Executive Office Conference Table

Essent Custom Round Office Conference Table

Phillips and Angley Small Black Conference Table

Hudson Modular Office Conference Room Tables

Whether you need a large meeting table for a lot of people or a small office table for a more intimate setting, we have you covered. Every one of our custom office conference tables is built to your exact specifications. We don’t mass-produce any of our tables and you won’t be able to find them in a catalog. Many of our customers like to incorporate their logo into the table to add a bit of a “wow” factor. We love solving problems, so no matter the size or shape of your meeting space, we can design a perfect solution. Below you can see some of our favorite office conference tables that we have created.

View More Office Conference Tables

Office Tables Building Process

Before we begin designing your custom office conference room table, we’ll ask you a bunch of questions about what you want out of your table. Do you need power and data integration? How large is your meeting room? Do you have any other unique requests? Once we have a firm grasp of your wants and needs, our team of designers will get to work.

Design Your Office Conference TableCustom Engineering & Design

Before we can actually start building your custom office conference table, we create a precise rendering of the table and how it will look in your meeting space. Our design team uses 3D modeling to create a realistic depiction of your table that we share with you to make any tweaks to the table design before production. This collaborative process brings together you, our project managers, engineers, and shop foreman so that everyone is on the same page about the building plans. Once approved, your design will be passed on to our craftsmen.

Office Conference Table Wood ChoicesSelecting Wood Species & Other Materials

With your guidance, our design engineers will select the materials that your office table will be built using. We can share samples with you so that you know the exact wood species that will make up your table. We have an extensive collection of wood and veneers at our shop to choose from and we can of course custom-order anything we don’t have on hand. Each component of your table will be hand-picked and of the highest quality. We’ll select the finest pieces with the perfect color, grain, and other unique characteristics that will add character to your table parts.

Office Conference Table AssemblyIntegrating Custom Parts & Initial Assembly

After we have chosen all of your table components, our craftsmen will use CNC machinery for precision cuts to ensure your table comes together perfectly. The woodworkers will then use other tools along with good old-fashioned labor to sand, shape, and glue your table until it’s nearly finished. When all the parts are ready for assembly, we will construct your table to make sure everything is as designed, down to the hardware holding everything together.

Office Conference Table Finishing DetailFine Tuning & Inspection

In this step, we will disassemble parts of your table to prepare it for final construction. We can apply any stains, dyes, or painting before we seal it. To make sure your office table meets our standards and is protected from what will be decades of use, we meticulously apply finish your table. This will seal your office conference table and bring out its natural beauty. We can customize the application to add or subtract texture from the wood to your preferences. Your table is then constructed into its final form to ensure it is ready to be delivered to you and put in place.

Your Office Conference Table DeliveredPacking & Shipping Your Office Conference Table

Shipping a custom office conference table is actually an involved process. We disassemble your table once again and clean all parts and hardware then package it up in sections. These sections are wrapped and protected with foam and cardboard. All parts of your table will be labeled for ease of installation. Your table will then be shipped to you or an installer to be assembled in your conference room. All shipping and applicable assembly charges will be provided upfront when ordering your table, so you know you’re getting exactly what you paid for.

Clients We’ve Worked With

We’ve built custom conference tables for clients around the globe, however, most of our clients are located in the United States and Canada. With thousands of custom woodworking projects under our belt across virtually every known industry, you can rest assured that we know what we’re doing. We’ve created custom office tables for the U.S. Air Force, L.L. Bean, 5 Below, Hilton, and many other household names. Regardless of the size of your company or organization, we can work with you to create a beautiful custom conference table that is truly one of a kind.

Why Choose Paul Downs For Your Office Conference Table?

The craftsmen at Paul Downs have been building more than just custom conference tables since 1986. We specialize in large office conference tables but we also can build podiums, lecterns, reception desks, office desks, dining tables, and credenzas too that can complete your conference room. We use modern technology and traditional methods to hand-craft all of our tables to your specifications.

Our designers, engineers, and woodworkers standing by to get started working on your custom office table. We will bring your ideas to life in a 3D rendering then build the office conference table you have always wanted. Feel free to peruse our table gallery for inspiration. We’re always here to answer any questions you may have so contact us today to get started.

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