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Mahogany Credenzas | Paul Downs Cabinetmakers

Mahogany Credenzas

Because we create custom conference tables, we often get requests to create an office credenza to match. Our credenzas are designed for a variety of uses. We can create a design that complements your table.

We have a standard design that can be made with the same woods we use for your table. The most common length is a 6-foot office credenza, but we can change the length and depth as required. We can create your credenza top from wood or stone and incorporate internal wire runs and vent slots for air circulation. We can also add box drawers, file drawers, equipment racks, and any other features you desire.

The examples shown below are either variations on the Standard Credenza or more elaborate custom designs. Pricing is for the item as shown, which may include expensive features not visible in the photographs. If you’re interested in your own custom office credenza, contact us today!

Mahogany wood offers a deep rich color and an elegant look when it’s used for a credenza. At Paul Downs, our Mahogany credenzas can be crafted from natural Mahogany or Ribbon Mahogany in a variety of stains. No matter which type you pick, you can guarantee that your credenza will stand out beautifully in your conference room or office.

Whether your wood credenza is used for display, storage, media, or another purpose, it will be built to last by our expert crafters. We build our Mahogany credenzas by hand, which means we pay attention to detail and make sure each and every piece is perfect. Contact us today and enjoy the beautiful reddish-brown hue of a Mahogany credenza that’s all your own.