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Logos / Branding Custom Office | Paul Downs Cabinetmakers

Logos / Branding Custom Office

Paul Downs believes that your furniture is a tool that should enhance your working productivity, while also projecting an image of success and power. We’ve been making custom office suites since 1986. Along with desks, we build custom reception desks and work stations. Our custom office furniture is built one piece at a time by our expert craftsmen.

The examples below are a very small subset of our portfolio. Please use them as inspiration for your ideal furniture piece. If you are looking for a complete office suite, contact us and we’ll help.

What’s better than having a beautiful piece of custom furniture in your office? Having a piece of custom furniture that features your company logo or brand! At Paul Downs, we can incorporate your logo design to make your desk, cabinet, bookcase a reflection in your pride in your company.

We offer a variety of processes to create our custom logo furniture. Our most popular is an inlaid logo using veneers or laminate. However, we can also produce vinyl onlays, carved logos, or engraved logos. If you want your piece of furniture to stand out, we can help. We can feature your logo on your desk pedestals, the top of your desk, in the middle of your conference table, and more.