How much do your conference tables cost?

It depends on the design. Pricing is driven by three factors:  Size, complexity, and materials.  Large tables and complicated designs take longer to build and cost more than smaller and simpler tables. Complex finishes take more time than simple clear coats.  Material costs vary depending on whether the table is made of wood or laminate, and what power/data units are used.  The shape of the table also contributes, and whether we are producing one table or multiple copies of a single design.  All of our conference tables are made in the same shop by the same craftsmen, to the highest standard of quality.


How design choices affect cost: same size, different design choices, different prices

Here’s a quick formula for single tables that will give you some numbers to think about:

  • For most of our tables, prices start at about $400 per foot of length, i.e. a 10 foot long table will start at about $4000.  That would be for a table with simple features, made of laminate.
  • Prices rise as the table gets fancier.  By the time we get to $1200 a foot, you can have a very complex and impressive design.  The most expensive tables end up in the neighborhood of $2000 a foot or more.
  • The formula applies to odd-shaped tables, like V-shapes, open squares, and circles, if one takes the overall length of the table, unfolded or unwrapped into a straight line, and multiplies by the price per foot.
  • Round tables and square tables have a similar pricing structure. Use the diameter in feet for round tables, and the length of a side in feet for square tables.  Keep in mind that wider tables use more materials and end up being more expensive per foot in length.  (See common sizes for round and square tables.)

This formula doesn’t cover every possible type and configuration of conference table we make, but it does work for most of our choices.  To further clarify, we’ve sorted our portfolio by price group.  STANDARD GRADE ($400 – $600 a foot) are the lowest cost.  PREMIUM GRADE ($600-1200 a foot) represent great value.  They have a good combination of features and materials, making for an impressive table without too many extras.  And ULTRA GRADE tables are designed to dazzle, with the finest materials and most imaginative design.

Modular Table Costs:   Modular tables are made in quantity, and tend to be much smaller than our other tables.  This changes the standard pricing equation.  It’s hard to give a simple formula that covers every option, but here are some numbers to consider:

  • The simplest tables we make start at about $900 each, when ordered in quantity, and consist of laminate tops with simple, non folding metal legs.
  • Most of the folding and rolling tables we make will fall in the $1000 to $1800 range for each table, again ordered in quantity.
  • Our more substantial and elaborate tables will cost more than that.  Keep in mind that we’ll work with you to identify designs that fit your budget.

Contact us and we’ll help you make prudent choices about what features to include or omit to meet your budget.