Folding Conference Room Table

Everything You Need to Know About Custom Tables

Beyond the basics of conference table design (size, shape, materials, and cost), there are other details to think about. In our modern conference room table resources section, here is what you can find:

Care Instructions

We build our tables to be as durable as they can be, but the world is a tough place. Here is short (one page) set of instructions for keeping your table in beautiful condition.

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Government Buyers

Business Summary Since 1986, Paul Downs has been building custom furniture for businesses, educational, military, religious, and government organizations. We specialize in custom boardroom tables, with additional expertise in videoconference and training tables, credenzas, lecterns, desks and reception stations. Please …

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Why Partner With Us

Give your clients exactly what they want. Don’t let an opportunity walk away! Searching for something your ordinary sources can’t offer – PDC to the rescue! It’s our mission to help you deliver solutions to your clients. We create a …

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