Why Partner With Us

Are you challenged by a client situation that requires a creative approach?

Searching for something your ordinary sources can’t offer – PDC to the rescue! It’s our mission to help you deliver solutions to your clients. We create a positive experience for everyone we interact with on the project. Above all, we deliver WOW factor one of a kind furniture and modern conference room tables.

We’ve developed special expertise in solving these problems and streamlining complexity:

Power & Data Logos Custom Shapes & Sizes Modulars Impressive

Modern Conference Room Tables

Technology Integration

We’ve worked with power and data to fit a wide variety of technical requirements. We understand the complexity of incorporating power and data into the modern conference room.

Logos & Branding

We utilize a variety of methods and materials to make logos – you won’t find as many dynamic choices with standard tables. All of our logo work is completed in house.

Hard to Fit Spaces

Rooms come in a variety of sizes and shapes, therefore so do our modern conference room tables. Our one-off manufacturing efficiency means that no solution is impossible.

High End Modulars

Does your client want flexibility, elegance, or both? They won’t have to compromise their vision with us. Our boardroom quality tables are used for many business functions.

Unique & Impressive

Bring us your best ideas or let us dazzle you with our imagination. We do what other manufacturers can’t or won’t, as a result, your client will end up with a unique project that impresses all.

Hassle Free Design

We’ll work with you to provide client solutions while being mindful of meeting budget targets. Moreover, our approach is holistic. We seek to understand the full functionality of the room and not just the table itself. Our design engineers create 3D renders modifiable in real time – your client can take an active part in the design process. You and your clients will be able to envision and approve the table prior to manufacturing.

Dedicated Project Manager

Our project managers work closely with you to certify that every specification is met. They’ll keep you updated throughout the process – confirming details, sending samples, and completing detailed checklists at each inspection to ensure every piece meets our quality standards. The years of expertise of our team provides a seamless process that ensures peace of mind.

Secure Shipping

To make sure your client’s project arrives securely, we take particular care with how we pack and ship – our in transit damage rate is almost zero. When your client’s project ships, you’ll be given tracking information. Subsequently, you’ll have confidence in the status of your client’s table at all times.

Easy Install

Finally, our tables are designed to be extremely easy to assemble. No tools beyond a cordless drill are needed – any handy person can do it. We provide detailed instructions and live phone support. Likewise, we can arrange for an outsourced installation team to handle the job. For more detailed delivery and installation information, check out our Delivery & Installation FAQ.