Let’s Hear It – Paul Downs Testimonial #4

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We love to hear from our clients! Whether you purchase a round, oval, square, racetrack, boat, V, or U-shaped table, we strive to make sure your experience is second-to-none. From the first phone call, to working with the design engineers, to seeing completed table designs, to getting constant updates from the project managers, to helping with shipping and installation, we pride ourselves at offering the very best customer service and furniture you can be proud of!

Recently, we got an email from Kathy Loberg at AmRisc in Houston, TX.  We created a custom office concept for AmRisc back in 2014. We built a cabinet, credenza, and two tables in Cherry and Bubinga with gorgeous logos and accents.  Everything about these projects was custom – from the base to the stain but our design engineers were thrilled to work on a one-of-a-kind proposal.

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