How Big Should Your Conference Table Be?

Determining how large your custom conference table should be may seem like an easy task, but there’s more to it than you think. You not only have to take into consideration the size of the room, but also the size of the table’s chairs, the table shape, and how much room each person needs to feel comfortable and safe.

large office conference table

Room Dimensions

First, you’ll want to determine how large the room is. Keep in mind that you need room along the walls to pull out chairs and room to comfortably walk between the wall and a chair when it’s filled. If you have a screen, television, or an overall presentation area, you’ll want to allow room for that in your measurements.

Number of People

Once you have the dimensions of the room in order, you’ll want to determine the number of people you want to seat.  In a pre-covid world, we suggested starting with allocating each user 30 inches of room.  This could rise to 42 inches if they need space for computers or documents.


When considering table shape, the shape and size of the room, and the desired number of users, will determine what’s possible.  Different shapes have more or less perimeter for a given length and width.  Rectangle and square tables can accomodate the most users, while circles and ovals fit fewer.  Our design engineers will work with you to figure out what is possible and then help you understand your options for particular shapes.  We’re specialists at very large sizes and unusual configurations.   Be assured that we can build whatever size and shape works to best suit your needs.

Social Distancing

In a post-Coronavirus world, conventional notions of how many people can sit at a table has changed. The distance between users sitting next to each other is much smaller than the distance across a table. For instance, users on opposite sides of a 4-foot wide modern conference table, in a standard office chair, have about 7 feet of space between their heads. We recommend a minimum of 42″ between seats but ideally 48″ or more if your room is large enough. This assumes that meeting participants use masks, still one of the most effective ways to reduce transmission.

To see detailed charts to help you determine your table size, check out our size and seating page.  And if you want help from an experienced team of designers, contact us.

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